Test Driving – What People Look For

If you are selling a car, it is sometimes helpful to know what potential buyers are actually looking for. That way, if there are small repairs or adjustments you can make to make your car more saleable, then you have the option to do that.

This article – https://au.pfinance.yahoo.com/money-manager/smart-saving/article/-/26477486/10-things-to-be-aware-when-testdriving/ recommends the following for buyers:

” Before you even start the car there are several things to look for: run your eye along either side of the car looking for any imperfections or odd lumps, then look inside for the same. If there are any bumps, lumps or colours inside the door panels that do not match with the outside, this should sound alarm bells that the car has been repainted and was most likely in a previous crash.

Pop the bonnet and check the fluid levels and cleanliness of water and oil. Both should be sitting just under full when the car is cold. Look for any excess oil that has been splashed around, as well as any obvious fluid leaks , worn hoses or belts (i.e. perished rubber).

Drop the bonnet and run your eyes south to the tyres; they can tell you a lot. If they are bald you will obviously have to replace them but it is also a sign of laziness or potentially poor finances with the previous owner, which could be of concern when considering the car’s maintenance record. If the tyre’s wear is uneven, you can presume worn suspension parts, another cost to figure in.

It is now time to start the engine. Give it a decent rev and make sure you look out for any signs of smoke coming out of the tailpipe- it is not ideal. Also listen for any strain to start and any clunking or undue rattles.”

So there you have it.

If you wish to address any, or all, of these things before filling in the form to the right, then feel free to do so.

On the other hand, we are quite happy to purchase your car from you just as it is, so long as the condition is reasonable.