Cash for Old Cars Sydney

Cash for Old Cars Sydney

Cash for Old Cars Sydney: All Models, All Makes, Any Condition

 2000 and newer – Contact Us for a Quote!  => fill in the details of your car, and your contact number, on the right hand side of the page, and we’ll get right back to you!  =>

So, you are wondering what you can do with the old vehicle that is stashed and collecting dust in your garage! Sell it and turn it to money! There is cash for old cars Sydney and we can provide you with the best solution.

Cash for Old Cars SydneyWith the financial difficulties that have been created by the prevailing economic scene, extra earnings are welcomed by almost everyone. If you have a car that you are not using or needs a lot of repairs, you may consider that as an extra income source for you. While some people are trying to take their vehicles to the junk or scrap yard, others find it sensible to go for cash for old or used cars dealers in order to obtain maximum possible cash for their automobiles.

Normally, used cars have some problems that can be so expensive to repair. Because of this, it would be better to just find means of selling the car for cash. If you are thinking about selling your old car, the easiest means would be to look for a dealer that deals with cars for cash.

You may find it more feasible to trade your car on car dealers than having it sold to private purchasers. Cash for cars services often pay higher purchasing value as they could make substantial profit out of your car. Once you have decided to sell your car, contact us to give you a price quote for your vehicle.

We have a fast service and our representatives would contact you in no time. We are known to pay cash for old cars Sydney on the spot. We are purchasing almost all vehicle types – sports utility vehicles, trucks, cars, etc. Regardless of the model, make or year, we are purchasing all cars for cash.

If you have a newer car that you want cash for – 2000 and later – fill in the form on the right of the page, and we will call you with a quote! It’s that simple!   =>   ==>   ===>

We pay old cars for cash higher than other companies. We do not possess a flat rate payment and we consider each car as an opportunity, thus, we will make it possible for you take home fair and reasonable amount of cash from your old car. We simply believe in your vehicle’s recycle value.

We are known all over Sydney. If your car is not in good running condition, we would still buy it. We buy any cars even those with outstanding loan balance. Aside from all our offerings, we also offer towing service.

If your car is not capable of running anymore, you can tell us about it and a representative can come visit you to have your car checked and let you know of its value. We would be happy to serve you and pay you cash for old cars Sydney. So, what are you waiting for? You can trust on our name. We follow convenient and simple ways to have your old car sold for cash.


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  1. Hi i’m just wondering do you need to have rego on your car before you consider buying its just i have a 1997 maroon mitsubishi lancer that ran out of rego in June 2013 and has just been sitting out the front as i don’t think the car would pass for rego the guard on the left side of the car has been damaged bent in from a minor accident hitting a post or small pole

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